I started my career as a reporter in one of Indonesia news television channel. But now, I'm focusing my career path in a public relation section. Living life with new people will keep me learning. I set my mind to be an open minded person, who warmly happy with new ideas, critics, differences, and challenges.

A shoe lover who own a shoe online shop named Closhe, an entrepreneur who decided to make and sell a silk pudding named Chanki, Master of Ceremony, a blogger newbie, a dancer, and a culture lover.

Why "From Heart To Toe"? You might asked about that. For me, everything must come from the heart. Sincere and -believe it or not-, powerful. All the thoughts, idea, willingness, love, and dreams will form a good shape if it comes from your heart. But those won't be real if you don't try, make, prove, and work hard on it. How? Begins with a  simple way: stepping on it, with your toe. Then, voila! The God Almighty and universe will make your dream come true..

Be faith and may God bless you, as always.

With love,
Kinanti Pahlevi.


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